Rediscovering Life After Rehab

You did it. You completed rehab. However, your journey is not over. You now get to discover the new you, the sober you. You may have not known this person for years, so it is time to rediscover your life without the chokehold of drugs or alcohol dictating what you do with your time. It can be both exciting and terrifying – where do you start? This is a second chance at life, and it is your opportunity to build it the way you want it to look.

Men sit together at breakfast as they navigate life in recovery from substance abuse after treatment at Destination Hope

Rebuild Routine

Everyone has a daily routine, whether it is highly structured or less so. Your old routine used to revolve around when you were using. Maybe your day-to-day productivity crashed when you were under the influence; now it is time for that to change.

Now you can mold your daily activities to cater to your needs instead of those of your addiction. Maybe it’s time to take up that hobby you always wanted to do. Maybe you incorporate post-rehab therapy into your schedule. Exercise, cook, travel – your opportunities are endless. Have an open mind and a positive outlook on what you can create of yourself and your time.

Rebuild Relationships

As much as addiction affects an individual, it does only affect the individual. Addiction has ramifications that spread to the people you love and cherish, and sometimes it can cause extreme strain on your relationships. After you complete rehab and embark on your new journey, you know you have changed, but the people around you may not yet be convinced.

Often, trust is broken through addiction and overcoming addiction includes taking ownership and responsibility for the ruins. Once you are sober, you have the chance to rebuild relationships as a new person. This is not to say you should try to rebuild unhealthy relationships in your life, but think of the people that stuck by you even when you were at your lowest. They may be hurt from your past, but time and actions can rebuild trust and create even stronger connections than before.

Rebuild Yourself

As important as it is to rebuild your routine and relationships, it is all a part of the greater act of rebuilding yourself. You have been freed from the shackles of addiction, and although this can feel like a great relief, you also are a different person than you were before you began treatment. It can be a confusing journey to rewrite your own future, but it is a beautiful one. You will experience ups and downs, but you can experience them with an open and sound mind and heart. Not everyone gets a chance like this – be bold and make the most out of it.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and would like the chance to rebuild their life, contact us today. Destination Hope is here to provide a person with the support and resources necessary to overcome their addiction and live the life they always wanted.

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