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yoga program

The Destination Hope Yoga Room at Our Wellness Center

It should be no surprise that a path toward wellness can be found in yoga. Practiced for thousands of years, yoga has been credited with everything from improved mental clarity, mindfulness, mobility and flexibility to posture improvement and a general sense of well-being.

Yoga is incorporated into Destination Hope’s therapy as a way to keep us grounded, but also to help us understand the idea that our bodies are to be respected and, by doing so, will respect us back.

At the core of the yoga practice is breathing. Breathing in and exhaling might seem pretty obvious, but yoga takes this natural human rhythm a step further. By making us mindful of the sound of the breath, and the pace with which we breathe, we become “extra” tuned-in to what sustains us, while pushing our physical limits through postures.

While many may say that yoga is primarily about breath, others can argue that the practice is a baseline for getting to know ourselves, our limitations and self-perceived boundaries. As we learn and progress through our practice, we slowly gain confidence and respect for ourselves as we reach more challenging levels, better posture, improved mobility and flexibility, and an overall new sense of grounding. Ultimately, from these meditative practices can come better sleep, fewer aches and pains, lower stress and anxiety and an improved confidence in oneself.


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It’s important to remember that yoga, according to many, can never be mastered. In this parallel to recovery, we can continue to strive for personal bests and individual growth, and these victories can be measured by each of the small (or large) advancements in the way our bodies move and the way we feel. We may never master yoga, but we certainly can become more mindful of ourselves while nurturing our health and spirit, something many battling addiction have fractured over years of self-neglect.

At the Destination Hope Wellness Center, we incorporate a yoga practice into our overall mind/body rehabilitation where clients can finally begin to tune into what they physically, and often spiritually, have been missing.