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NeuroHealth Center

The NeuroHealth Center at Destination Hope

NeuroHealth may sound like science fiction, but the concepts and treatments offered and performed at Destination Hope represent the cutting edge of non-talk therapy for behavioral health including substance abuse and mental health treatment. The brain is one of the last frontiers that medicine has yet to understand. However, in the past a few decades, we have made strides in neuroscience that have transformed our understanding of this complex organ.

Our NeuroHealth Center adds incredible value to the Behavioral Health program at Destination Hope. Here at the NeuroHealth center we aim to:

  • Use individualized data to assess neurological health and neuropsychological function
  • Restore brain function compromised by substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Employ non-invasive techniques to provide symptom relief without side effects
  • Allow our clients to continue treatment with a greater sense of happiness and peace


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So what is neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology relates to how brain structure contributes to our behaviors and thinking. For example, nervous system disorders and compromised brain function can develop or worsen behavioral health issues. By addressing these structural problems and combining these cutting-edge therapies with traditional treatment, we can make recovery more effective with a lower risk of relapse.

The theory that underlies neuropsychology is a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity – the fact that the brain can change over time, even in adulthood. During times of stress, trauma, substance abuse and mental health issues, our brains begin to change negatively. However, this change can be reversed and the brain can, in fact, repair itself. While many effects of long-term substance abuse and mental health issues cannot be fully resolved, they can be mitigated with appropriate neuropsychological treatment.

To achieve these ends, the NeuroHealth Center at Destination Hope uses a number of effective, cutting edge therapies including brain training and cognitive remediation. Neuromodulation is employed to activate regions of the brain that promote positivity and can effectively treat behavioral health, mental health and addiction issues. We employ several advanced techniques including

We are excited to be one of the few behavioral health centers in Florida and indeed the country that has created a comprehensive program around the science of the brain and neuropsychology. By adding this level of care to our already successful gender specific therapeutic programming, our clients experience the full breadth clinical and scientific advances available today.