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On the Road Again…

On the Road Again…

It was 117 degrees, scorching hot and we were on our way back from Palm Springs, California. “Where are you traveling to now?” seems to be the question my friends and family ask me. As a marketer and publicist, I am always on the go with my team at Destination Hope, visiting more than 20 cities a year at various national conferences.

The reason we do this is not only to get our name out there, but to network with so many people in the substance use and behavioral health industries. We work together for a common goal: to find the best ways to REACH clients and to get them WELL.

At these conferences, we are networking with lobbyists who work hard to make sure our government passes laws to protect patients, and we work within our communities to make sure these laws are enforced. We lobby, educate, learn from other clinicians, attend informative sessions, learn about new laws and policies affecting our industry and, essentially, we come together because knowledge is power and when that is shared, we can become unstoppable.

The more we can band together and understand why we do what we do day in and day out, then we can grow this industry and serve more and more people who need help. I enjoy meeting new people from all over the country, and when they share stories of hope and recovery, it gives me purpose and passion to continue working in this field.

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