Rediscovering Life After Rehab

You did it. You completed rehab. However, your journey is not over. You now get to discover the new you, the sober you. You may have not known this person for years, so it is time to rediscover your life without the chokehold of drugs or alcohol dictating what you do with your time. It can be both exciting and terrifying – where do you start? This is a second chance at life, and it is your opportunity to build it the way you want it to look.

Men sit together at breakfast as they navigate life in recovery from substance abuse after treatment at Destination Hope

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Being Mindful in Recovery

The term ‘mindfulness’ has been plastered on headlines everywhere and been casually used in conversation, but what does it actually mean? If you think that mindfulness is sitting cross-legged in a circle while you ‘ohm’ your pain away – you have it all wrong.

Addict posed for meditation to help improve mindfulness in their addiction and mental health recovery at Destination Hope

Simply put, being mindful means that you are focused entirely in the present. You allow and acknowledge all feelings, sensations, and thoughts that come to you in your present state. Often time, when people develop an addiction, it is to avoid or escape their present by using drugs or alcohol. Therefore, learning how to be mindful can be of great use to a person in recovery.

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