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Alumni Program

Lifetime Support for Destination Hope Alumni

You’ve finally completed treatment, congratulations! It might have seemed impossible just 30, 60 or 90 days ago, but you did it. You managed to get through weeks of therapy with some great achievements under your belt including:

  • Opening up to your therapist, whom, before treatment was a complete stranger.
  • Working with the behavioral techs to make the most of your
  • Living in an apartment with a bunch of guys or girls you didn’t know that may one day, or already, be your closest friends

Now, you may be attending IOP three nights a week, all the while juggling a job and 12 Step meetings. How and why should you attend the alumni program?

More often than not the addict or alcoholic fresh out of treatment has a difficult time finding out where he or she may “fit in.” For the most part, his or her friends are all people from their former lives of active addiction. Association with these people from their past usually results in a swift return to abusing substances.

Even though the programs at both N. A. and A. A. implore the newcomer to avoid old people, places and things, there is not much said in the way of a viable process to replace what is comfortable and familiar. Attending an alumni program can help bridge that gap and give the member the opportunity to practice social skills which were all but forgotten due to active addiction. Equally important is the camaraderie found in the alumni program. Having had many of the same experiences in treatment and now in early recovery, can make all the difference when relating to and trusting others.

We encourage you to attend our alumni meetings listed below.

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All alumni welcome. Stay connected with the support of peers in recovery. After the meeting, alumni have the opportunity to stay and participate in a 12-step recovery meeting with current Destination Hope clients.



Alumni and their families come to participate and receive peer support, while becoming more educated and knowledgeable about the disease of addiction.



Refreshments are served as we honor and celebrate clean time milestones and alumni anniversaries. Please contact Kyle at 954-562-1240 if you plan on celebrating with us.



Come out and join us for softball recovery meetings at Pompano Park (1700 NE 8 St, Pompano Beach, FL 33060). Remember to bring lots of water!


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What We Discuss

The range of topics discussed at alumni meetings is as diverse as its members and their particular circumstances in this phase of their life. There is a strong emphasis on relapse prevention, but anything that might affect a person in recovery can be brought up. Listed below are just a few to give you an idea.

  1. Relationships – this is always a hot topic, whether to get into or leave one, or how things are progressing in the one that a person finds him/herself in.
  2. How well one is doing since transitioning to a less restrictive environment.
  3. Networking- one never knows who might be in the room, your future boss might be sitting right next to you. Alumni meetings can be an invaluable source of information. Members talk about jobs that are hiring, trainings that are available, opportunities for higher education, as well as what meetings and clean/sober events are going on in the area.

Many of the long term benefits of alumni attendance revolve around this all-important sense of belonging and knowing that there are indeed others in the same position ready and willing to help.