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Admissions for Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida

Patients are making a positive, life changing decision by entering into the Destination Hope program.

  • We’re fully committed to providing effective treatment to your loved one
  • Our program is limited to 34 beds, creating an intimate atmosphere with focused care
  • We include family and close friends in treatment, creating a supportive community

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Beginning the Admissions Process

The admissions process at Destination Hope is simple and straightforward. Like the rest of our programs and policies, admissions here are focused on the comfort, safety and the best interests of your loved one. This is one of the many aspects that set our program apart. We make the admissions process quick and easy, performing all intake testing within 24 hours of arrival. From the first day, your loved one will have a hand in creating their own unique treatment program, an empowering process.

If your loved one has been referred to our program by a detox center or from another level of treatment, their care will continue virtually uninterrupted. We will speak with your various healthcare providers to get a clear understanding of the addiction as well as any underlying issues.


Our Process


Coordinating Your Treatment Plan

Finding the right treatment program is essential to recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. We can help. Our dedicated addiction professionals are a phone call away 24/7 to answer any questions.

We are ready to assist you with information on the following:

  • Our drug and alcohol rehab practices and options
  • Insurance coverage and potential benefits
  • The admissions process and important details

  • Financing and payment options
  • Travel arrangements

Treatment Center Admissions Procedure

At Destination Hope, our admissions procedure is designed to be as easy as possible. Our goal is to prepare you for a comfortable transition into treatment. Once a person makes the decision that they want and need professional help, we connect them with an admissions representative to help with the three-part process:



An admissions representative will call to confidentially collect any information necessary for admittance into treatment – the date of entering treatment will be determined by the client.



Upon arrival, an orientation and preliminary evaluation will be made to lay the foundation for a treatment plan and schedule.



A full psychological evaluation will be given to assist in mapping out a plan for long-term care and sobriety.

Personal information will never be given to any third party and will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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