Drug abuse and addiction professionals are constantly combating the public’s misinformation. Rumors and “facts” on the street about specific drugs and drug use may not only be false, but may also be dangerous. Some people may believe certain drugs are less addictive, less harmful or even not addictive at all based on street information. Individuals suffering from substance abuse or even trying drugs for the first time may make harmful choices and suffer the consequences because of bad information.drug abuse treatment We’ve seen the rise and fall in popularity of certain drugs in the drug abuse and addiction field. One drug that is increasingly popular right now is bath salts. Unfortunately because of the harmless sounding name, and their availability in shops and convenience stores, many people believe the drug is harmless and not addictive. Recent news reports on the manic behavior and bizarre side effects caused by bath salt use have combated the “street” information that bath salts are dangerous, but convincing people that bath salts are addictive may require more effort.

Drug Abuse and Addiction: Understanding the Research

Scientists and researchers try to study popular street drugs to determine not only their impact on the body, but to get a grasp on how dangerous they might be, how addictive and understand how to treat the specific addiction and help individuals recover from drug abuse and addiction. A new study, published in the Behavioural Brain Research journal in June 2012, found that the active drug in bath salts, mephedrone has addiction potential. The study measured at the intercranial reward potency in mice and found that for mephedrone it is equally as potent as cocaine. Drug abuse and addiction research into new drugs like bath salts can help support the restriction of sales or even the banning of these new drugs. On July 9, President Obama put mephedrone on the controlled substances list. Mephedrone is a derivative of cathinone, a plant based substance. Cathinones and their substitutes are banned or restricted in 42 states. Recent news reports and high profile cases about bath salts have pushed many communities to ban the sale of bath salts or synthetic marijuana. While this is just a preliminary study, it underscores how dangerous seemingly harmless drugs can be. It also highlights how much we do not know and do not understand about drugs as they appear on the streets. It’s important to remember that no drug is ever 100% safe. Everything we put in our body from french fries to heroin has an effect. Street information on drug abuse and addiction and on the latest drugs should never be trusted. There is no such thing as a safe drug or safe amount of drug abuse. Fortunately research has given us not only a better understanding of drugs, but also of the disease of addiction and today treatment is very effective at helping individuals overcome addiction. If you or someone you love is misusing prescription drugs or you suspect is suffering from drug abuse and addiction, please call us today at 1-877-380-9777. While the high might feel good for the short-term, drug use for any length of time can be dangerous. Destination Hope is a full service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility in Florida for men suffering from substance abuse issues.