A substance abuse program can be for anyone, as actor Robert Downey Jr. knows from experience. After years of drug abuse, as well as stints in rehab and prison, Downey Jr. got clean and made a successful Hollywood comeback. Substance abuse often repeats itself in families, and reports indicate that the actor’s oldest son, Indio, has recently entered a substance abuse program for prescription drugs.

Substance Abuse Program

Family Ties Prescription Drug RehabAll too often, drug and alcohol abuse makes multiple appearances in families. This is not to say that substance abuse is hereditary, or that a child of an addict will also become an addict. However, there do appear to be factors that indicate the prevalence of drug abuse within an immediate or extended family. Could this be the case for Robert Downey Jr. and his son? Preventative Action Before we make any assumptions, it’s notable that Indio appears to be in a situation that is slightly different from the typical Hollywood stereotype. According to media reports, his mother is stressing that he is not an addict, but wants to overcome a habit of taking one pill per day. Entering a substance abuse program is a positive step, whether or not you consider yourself a textbook addict. However, in Indio’s case, we should be careful of focusing too much on the definition of an addict. What Makes You an Addict? Perhaps Indio’s mother, Downey Jr.’s ex-wife, is concerned that people will assume things about her son based on his father’s past. She seems to want to make it clear that Indio and his father are not battling the same demons, that his substance abuse program does not involve medication. But does it really matter if he is an ‘addict’ or not? Every person’s journey through substance abuse and treatment is different. Indio’s substance abuse may look completely different than Robert Downey Jr.’s, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need help. As a society, we still battle the false assumption that you have to hit bottom before you qualify for rehab, which is untrue. Recovery Regardless of the details concerning Indio’s substance abuse program, we applaud him for getting help. He may have seen firsthand the negative consequences of addiction, leaving him with a personal perspective on what it’s like to live with. He seems to be taking steps to avoid the struggles that his father faced. We hope that, like his father, he will find success through substance abuse treatment and enjoy lasting recovery. If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse, substance addiction or any other type of addiction, please call us today at 1-877-380-9777. Our addiction treatment counselors can help you deal with physical, emotional and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. A substance abuse treatment program is effective, safe and has helped many men reclaim their lives. Destination Hope is a full service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility in Florida for men suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues.