Drug & Alcohol Intervention Programs

The road to recovery often begins with an addiction intervention. Portrayals of these kinds of interventions have garnered popularity on reality television, depicting very real battles for sobriety. Because of this, some families are now able to identify the signs of addiction while knowing that intervening with a professional therapist can be the difference between life and death.


An addiction intervention is a structured meeting where a professional interventionist joins the addict’s family and loved ones to address their feelings and concerns about their loved one’s addiction. While the therapist guides the meeting, it is the family and friends who are allowed a safe and controlled means to confront the addict, voice concern, love and even their darkest fears for the addict if they don’t get help.

Destination Hope has a team of interventionists on staff to help you plan your intervention for your loved one. Though many struggle with the initial call for help, saving the life of a loved one is never a regret. We’ll walk you through the interventions process and address your privacy concerns with the sensitivity required when bringing family and friends together to save a loved one.

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