The path to sobriety requires patience and dedication on behalf of the addict and their family. The decision to enter drug rehab is a delicate one, and the facility they choose should reflect the gravity of the choice.

The drug rehab program at Destination Hope focuses on reverting the patterns and daily habits that naturally develop when a loved one is addicted to drugs. Our therapies also confront the underlying psychological issues that may have caused the drug abuse in the first place. Clients receive the necessary therapeutic attention while working on exposing and replacing bad habits with good ones, creating a healthy lifestyle.

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  • 24/7 Accountability & Support
  • A Variety of Evidence-Based Therapy Approaches
  • Medical Treatment/Assistance
  • Upscale Community Living & Furnishings
  • Family Therapy Sessions
  • Exceptional Aftercare and Alumni programs
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Wellness Center and Proximity to Luxurious Beaches