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At Destination Hope, we strive to make sure each and every one of our clients has a safe, meaningful and overall great experience while they commit to a journey of recovery. We want to convey our clients’ thoughts and experiences through these reviews which are authentic and from the heart. We give all of our clients the opportunity to share their story and post them for you to read, while valuing and protecting their privacy.

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“This place saved my life. The staff and even the owner are very caring people. I’ve gained so much knowledge and motivation since being here.”

– Jacob M.

“I wish I came here 10 years ago. This was great for me. For the first time I was able to work on myself and point out my underlying problems which cause me to relapse. They really care about you and only want the best for me. The counselors down to the techs are great guys. The owner does family night and by far has helped me with my problems which I never thought I had. Great place and would highly recommend if you truly want to get sober.”

– John B.

“I liked the yoga and art therapy.”

– Anonymous

“Dear DH, Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I have had a very positive, strong, and real experience from this entire program and staff. The clinical staff is truly amazing and very experienced, and will go out of their way to look out for your best interest. On another good note, the behavioral tech staff is also great and extremely helpful and is always there to help you. Destination Hope has helped me gain an upper hand on my life again and grasp recovery hopefully, spiritually, and emotionally. If anyone is thinking about treatment, this is the place.”

– Andre P.

“It was awesome to come back and participate as a alumni, I really enjoyed sharing my story. It’s always good to interact with clients and let them know the program really does work. If it wasn’t for Destination Hope I wouldn’t be almost 7 months sober. DH really changed my life. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their life and learn about their mental health. We are not alone in this, we must stick together and overcome our mental illnes and drug addiction. I look forward to seeing the other clients next time I come and share this wonderful experience, God, the fellowship, and support will really change our lives. Thanks again for the food and fellowship. The promises are real. Be back soon, DH is….”

– Anonymous

“Destination Hope has a way of getting addicts to understand what addiction really is and how to overcome obstacles in recovery. The housing is very nice and the staff is respectful and professional.”

– Shayne D.

“Destination Hope helped me out from therapy to conversation with the techs. Also they helped me by getting me on the right regiment of meds. The staff really care about the clients and are usually available if you need to talk. Oh the alumni events are awesome and have helped me in my recovery. All in all my experience here was a good one!”

– Anonymous

“I credit Destination Hope with playing an enormous role in saving my life. The program itself is top-notch but the staff is second to none. Seth, Orlando, Rick, Josh, Bruce, Vinny and Michael (in medical) are people who have helped me tremendously. The entire staff is excellent but these people deserved to be singled out. I’ll always be grateful to DH.”

– Raul M.

“Destination Hope is a wonderful community of clients and staff. They helped me through a dark time and saved my life. I am eternally grateful.”

– Anonymous

“Amazing program, gathered great sober support. This place gives you the tools to stay clean/sober, it’s up to us to use them.”

– Anonymous

“Destination Hope has changed my life tremendously. I now have 92 days sober today and if it wasn’t for Orlando reaching out I would have never made it back. It was a blessing.”

– Anonymous

“Destination Hope gave me the proper tools to use to get myself sober and keep on the path of sobriety. The groups and living were very structured and accommodating so I could learn about myself and my addiction. DH as a whole helped me save my life. Orlando has helped me a great deal after directing me toward another halfway home and connected me with fellow alumni.”

– S.D.

“Destination Hope/Orlando was an amazing experience overall. The techs/counselors/therapist helped me get through this process with ease. I was very stressed out at first but was immediately greeted. I would highly recommend DH to anyone looking for substance abuse treatment.”

– Casey P.

“Great place, helped me to understand my addiction and stay sober.”

– Anonymous

“This is the only treatment center that I firmly believed helped me.”

– Anonymous

I want to start by saying the Techs are awesome. Justin, Orlando, DJ, Matt- they really care about the clients and are great at their jobs! The administration staff will help you in any way possible. My therapist Jonathan really and truly saw things that I couldn’t see and helped me in was I “didn’t” think I needed help with. Heidi from dental, an amazing lady. We really clicked together, she truly cares about the clients. Bertha from Yoga, awesome job at what she does, she settles your mind and relaxes you. Greg from CrossFit does a great job working out the body with only your body weight. DH is an amazing place, I would definitely recommend.

– Brian K

“Thanks to Jamal, a technician at Destination Hope, I decided to finish treatment and I feel great! Also, Jonathan, the therapist, was a pleasure to work with and he is skillful and knowledgeable.”

– Mark B

“In the two months I spent at Destination Hope, I learned a lot about myself. Leadership skills I never thought I had surfaced. The counseling staff was extremely constructive and helpful. The techs were also very helpful, as was medical staff. I had a wonderful experience I won’t ever forget.”

– David Z

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