The Importance of Gender Specific Men’s Drug Rehab

February 27, 2012

Men’s drug rehab in a way is all about soul searching; removing all unnecessary distractions and taking all of the necessary time to look within yourself. This is the fundamental core of treatment at Destination Hope, a truly gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment facility for men in Florida. A lot of people ask us every day why Destination Hope is exclusive to men and why we don’t offer a co-ed drug rehab program as well. To us, the answer is simple. We’ve found that mixed gender environments are not conducive to the internal, honest, focused care we try to encourage, so we don’t do it. Below we’ll go into greater detail of how we found this out and why we choose to march to the beat of our own drum.

Are Men and Women A Distraction to One Another In Treatment?

In a word, absolutely. You see, when men and women come into treatment, they’re not exactly thinking clearly. They’re battling an incredibly powerful, mind-altering addiction, and everything inside of them is looking for anything else to focus on, other than themselves and their problem. At anything other than a gender controlled men’s drug rehab, what easier distraction is there than a woman? Keep in mind that both of these individuals are extremely vulnerable and they’ll look to each other for fulfillment, rather than looking inside themselves, which is what we need them to do in order to get better. Our primary goal is teaching them how to count on themselves when things get tough, not a member of the opposite sex, not their drug or drink, but learning to find the peace and strength within themselves to power through. This is a huge reason why gender specific rehabs are key.

The Role of Honesty in Men’s Drug Rehab

Without honesty, treatment isn’t effective. It’s as simple as that. If you cannot be 100 percent open and honest in individual and group therapy with your counselors and your peers, you won’t actually get the help you need to recover from your addiction. And history has shown us that mixed women’s and men’s drug rehab significantly hamper the individual’s ability and desire to be honest. Unfortunately, it goes against our human nature. Instead, we’re worrying about impressing one another, being the alpha male and marking our territory or making sure we appear desirable to the opposite sex, and that’s so incredibly detrimental to treatment it’s almost unbelievable that so many still practice it. In a gender controlled men’s drug rehab, the infrequency of those types of issues allows us to get closer to each client much faster as we don’t have to navigate through the drama, which in turn enables us to address their real problems much quicker as well.

Men’s Drug Rehab in Florida

Destination Hope is a true gender specific men’s drug rehab in Florida. We are not like so many facilities out there that claim to be gender specific but in reality only have one or two gender specific group therapy sessions a week. At Destination Hope, all of our group therapy sessions are exclusive to men, just like our living quarters and activity quarters are. If there’s a man in your life that could benefit from our focused, experienced, productive men’s drug rehab, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 1-877-380-9777. We’re here to help.