Why Destination Hope

Florida Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Center

Destination Hope is an addiction treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that provides substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment to men suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our unique program treats individuals in a comfortable environment where we have helped hundreds of clients break free from substance abuse. If you’re considering drug rehab Florida is an ideal environment for your recovery.

Our exceptional drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and addiction recovery program fosters a healthy, constructive and comfortable environment for clients to grow as they achieve their personal goals on the road to recovery. We empower each patient to take preventative action against relapse through their own acquired skillset while instilling a strong emphasis on family therapy. We know that no one person’s battle against drug or alcohol addiction is the same. As such, we believe that each client’s treatment program should be personalized to their specific needs.

At Destination Hope, we believe that recovery requires a comprehensive, individualized approach. Our treatment program offers a small, gender specific setting that encourages individuals to focus on core characteristics for recovery. Our highly effective treatment program includes individual therapy, group therapy, family involvement/therapy and education about addictions and relapse prevention. Our unique therapeutic approaches are proven to achieve results in people who are physically and/or psychologically dependent on addictive substances, while fostering a lasting relationship with their families.

Family Therapy: We take a sense of pride and responsibility in healing the afflicted individual and their family too.  The family unit often provides intimate knowledge of the cause of the addiction and can help provide the corrective measures to conquer it.  When armed with the proper education and tools, the family can help make steady sobriety a reality, long after a client’s graduation.

Intimate Size: Our drug rehab program is small, allowing for more attention to each individual.  With this personalized care, our clients are empowered to help develop and realize their own treatment program. Clients have access to various exercise and relaxation facilities as well as supervised excursions that help them transition back to normal life.

Drug Rehab FL: With clean beaches, warm weather, and the relaxing oceanfront only minutes away, Destination Hope is an ideal location to recover from drug or alcohol addiction.  Pair that with our proven and effective methods of drug rehab and you have a very promising future of permanently escaping chemical dependency.  A great place to be with a curriculum that works – that’s the drug rehab Florida style.

Gender Specific: Open communication must be a high priority between counselor and patient.   As a result of our gender specific drug rehab programs, a bond can be established and the potential for distraction or timidity are lessened.  Additionally, important fraternal bonds are more easily made amongst patients when in a gender specific environment.

Joint Commission Accredited: We are proud to report that through an independent review of our behavioral health and drug rehab facility performed by the Joint Commission, we have demonstrated the highest standards in our field and have been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval.  We are also licensed by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families.

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